Raised in Nigeria with a wealth of multi-cultural and social experiences stemming from local and international travel, our founder Oluwakanyinsade Ademuson observed the disparity between housing costs, the average individuals' income and the delivery time of the existing construction methods. 

Birthed from the need to cater to this disparity for the 100 million + Nigerians without adequate homes, he chose to redefine the nature of comfortable housing and embarked on a multi-year research and testing process to discover ways to build quickly, inexpensively and sustainably.

Crafting his findings as a specific solution to the imminent housing crisis in Nigeria and Africa at large, the housing solution SEVENTHSPACE was born.  

A housing typology still in the beginning phase of its evolutionary process, the SEVENTHSPACE home is built 3x faster than industry average and retails for 60% of current housing costs.

SEVENTHSPACE is dedicated to advancing architecture. In particular, home dwellings in the global housing ecosystem by combining traditional African building methods with the best building technology available. 

Our story really, is a testament to observation, empathy and a willingness to DO.